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Alex possesses a spark of passion, drive, and motivation when it comes to his customer’s needs regarding their real estate goals. His eagerness to deliver the best possible service triumphs all other agents. His quick thinking and flexibility give him a competitive edge to leverage deals during negotiations – fighting for you and your money. He also connects with a broad range of backgrounds which helps him understand and advocate for his clients. From his experience advising investors on rental property purchases to helping his clients understand real estate in the context of their finances, Alex brings a deep curiosity and sense of caring to his work which helps him catch things that other people might miss.

Hailing from a working-class family in Somerville, Alex is proud of the grit passed down from his parents throughout his life. From an early age watching his immigrant parents work full-time in an auto body shop and a laundromat, Alex developed a strong appreciation for hard work and family, while also developing street smarts and a keen understanding of how the world really works. Being constantly roped into home improvement jobs by his father likely sparked Alex’s passion for property.

Alex graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst with a degree in Microbiology, worked as an EMT, and then slid into real estate by helping relatives and friends sell and buy houses, eventually jumping in full-time. He also started a real estate virtual tour marketing business and became a proficient day trader on the side. If you catch Alex outside of work you’ll likely find him playing tennis and volleyball, or regaling his friends with stories of running a marathon in high school and how he can throw a football farther than Tom Brady. Oh, and how he once organized an event for 3000+ people with guest stars from the entertainment industry.

Alex understands the hardship and triumph of home ownership, financial literacy, career success, and relationships, and how these are all interconnected with the dynamic of buying or selling a home. He will walk with you, step-by-step, teaching, explaining, and showing you the procedures necessary to purchase and sell your home. His witty sense of humor and positive attitude will be a pleasant and memorable journey.

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