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Since moving to Cambridge in 1992, Mike has become completely addicted to urban living. From the environmental and health benefits of walking everywhere to the higher potential of community in the same neighborhood, Mike appreciates how much the location of a home can impact one's lifestyle as much as the actual features of a home.
From renovating his own Cambridgeport 3-family fixer-upper with his wife to co-founding a housing committee at his church, Mike lives and breathes houses. One of his favorite books ever is House by Tracy Kidder, and the fact that it all occurred in Massachusetts and with a now-famous Boston architect makes it even cooler. As a child, Mike built his own tree house that spanned three large oak trees back in Michigan, and since college, he's had a dream to purchase a large apartment complex in the city and live in it with all his friends, their parents, and their children. He's still working on that dream, but in the meantime, he loves that he gets to be a part of peoples' home-buying process as a full-time endeavor.
Mike focuses on business development and agent mentoring, while also helping the Park Hou Group team with Phil to assist their private networks with their housing needs. A fan of books like Self Leadership and the One Minute Manager and Influence, Mike’s passion is in learning about how to better empower people through servant leadership, education, and consensus building. He loves the coaching he receives through programs at Interise, the Center for Women & Enterprise, and various specialized brokers throughout Massachusetts. Mike is also a graduate of the Streetwise MBA program, where small business owners gathered for 9 months to receive in-depth training on all things business. Other graduates include owners of award-winning, innovative businesses like Cosmos Painting, Fiore di Nonno's, Pretty Things Beer, Remote Technologies, Slab Media, Taza Chocolate, and Universal Dental. 
Mike graduated from MIT with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and spent several years designing missile guidance systems. From there, he went to Boston College for his J.D. He is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts, and before co-founding Splice Realty, Mike concentrated on immigration law while maintaining a general law practice. He assisted people with cases involving asylum statuses, naturalization, tenant/landlord issues, real estate closings, and more. He’s practiced in the courtroom through experiences in the immigration, district, and family courts, and has appealed cases to the 1st Circuit as well as the Board of Immigration Appeals. A fully licensed broker, Mike is also a member of the Cambridge Historical Society, and the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association. 
In his spare time, Mike can be found either fixing his house, on the water leading ocean kayak and fishing tours, or hosting BBQs all winter long in his driveway.

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