Team Building at Splice!

Team Building at Splice!

Splice Realty is a local brokerage based in Cambridge, MA with agents that live throughout the Eastern Massachusetts area.  Even with such broad geographical coverage, we meet up regularly to hang out, network, and bounce ideas off of each other.  We also receive regular training and mentorship from Mike and Phil, the partner-owners of Splice Realty.  We utilize Slack and Zoom regularly to supplement our in-person activities. 

Some team building activities we've done in the evenings include pickleball, axe throwing, Topgolf and visiting local breweries and wine bars. 

Niels hustling in pickleball while Alex, Mike and Joyce check out his technique!


Alex and James swinging away at Topgolf.

Joyce checking out the competition in the next lane.

We meet up twice a month for “Splice Cafe” which is a weekday meeting hosted at various coffee shops around the Boston metropolitan region to catch up on how things are going with each agent, or to discuss a particular real estate related topic.  A recent discussion involved condo purchases and what information you want to obtain for your buyer clients before they put in an offer on a condo.  For example, to list a few items, you want to consider if it’s a 2-unit condo or a 30-unit building, what are the condo reserves and budget, and if there are any special assessments.  Mike also walked us through a worksheet to understand reserve studies and how an association sets their budgets and assessments.

It's always a delicious time at Splice Cafe! (Mike, Alex, Niels, Joyce, Katherine)

While not every agent can make each event, it’s highly encouraged that all agents attend each event to get to know each other better.  When we used to have an office pre-pandemic, we realized that the office was hardly used, and mostly only benefited those that could afford to live in Cambridge.  Traditionally, successful agents only used the office for mandatory brokerage meetings or to drop off escrow checks, while generally meeting clients at cafes and bars, restaurants or an office share that is more local to their home – thus, we found no need for an office that’s hard for people to get to and expensive to live by.  For younger agents, we found that holding meetings at venues in various locations within the I-495 circle provided more opportunities for everyone in the company to enjoy the “perks of membership” without having to pay the hefty fee of living in Cambridge.  We love the breadth of experiences that each person brings to Splice Realty, and find venue-focused meetings rotated throughout the region to foster more opportunities for growth.  

We also hold regular Zoom training meetings for agents.  Topics we've covered in past meetings that involved a guest expert speaker include Red Flags to Watch Out for at Home Inspections, What to Know about Lead Paint, How is Well Water Tested, The Ins-and-Outs of Mortgages, and Things to Consider When Getting Home Insurance.  Topics we’ve covered in-house include How to Navigate Bidding Wars, How to Create a CMA, What to Know About Permits, Zoning and Renovations, and Flooding & Flood Zones.  

If you've ever been curious about real estate, or know anyone who is, reach out to us anytime.  Contact Mike directly at [email protected].  We'd be happy to chat about what it's like to work in this industry.  Whether you have a real estate license already or considering getting one, we are always open to talking.

See below for some additional photos from our team building events!

Mike really likes taking selfies, especially at Topgolf. Despite the cold, the heaters kept us really warm. (Mike, Fen, Alison and Niels)

We asked the server to take a group photo for us this time! (Mike, Niels, Alex, Katherine, Fen and James)

Mit prepping for a strong forehand at PKL.

Mike and Katherine in action at axe throwing!

Phil and Mike showing the rest of us how axe throwing is done (frankly we're a bit scared of their skills)!

We got a great video of Mike demonstrating the right way to swing!

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